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- : Automatic Pitch Control Tapping Machine 19mm : -
Tapping Machine Capacity 19 mm.
Drilling Capacity 12 mm.
Spindle Travel/Table travel (6 mm.) 100 mm.
Distance Spindle to Column 237 mm.
Distance between chuck to base 670 mm.
Distance between chuck to work table 520 mm.
Size of base Plate-L x B 550 x 410 mm.
Size of Work Table-L x B 260 x 260 mm.
Diameter of Column 74 mm.
V-Belt (Inside) inside B-72
V-Belt for Motor (Outside) B-32
No. of Spindle Speeds 3
Forwards Speeds Range 220/320/460
Reverse Speeds Range 260/380/545
Motor Single phase or three phase 1/1.5 H.P.
  1440 R.P.M.
gear Motor H.P. & R.P.M. (Single Phase) -.
Overall Height 1400 mm.
Overall Width 400 mm.
Overall front to back 700 mm.
Weight approx 175 Kg.
“TAPAX” Automatic Pitch Control Taping Machine
Gayatri Industries has introduced world’s first Automatic Pitch Control Tapping Machine.
19 M.M Automatic Pitch Control Tapping Machine’s Clutch Cone
Extra ordinary export quality liner clutch system make with use of spellingtreatment & sizing poster.

Automatic Pitch Drive
In this machine pitch setting is for required for different pitch’s & different capacity Tapping. For example if machine works at 10mm (BSP), tapping & you want to tap 19mm (BSW), You can tap directly without any pitch setting.
Gear Motor Drive
Gear Motor Specially design for spindle working up& down automatically.
Depth Control
Automatic depth control set by micro switch & fool operating switch .
Penal Board
Penal Board design small & accurate  for pitch controlling & over load protection.
Made from close grained cast iron accurately bored, rimering and honed in perfect paralyze between the column and spindle . easy clamping device fitted for locking it on the column.
Made from EN8 to withstand distortion it is lanced and mounted on roller bearings.
Proportionately designed for rigidity and sufficient surface area is provided to hole down job. It can be vertically powered or can be vertically powered or raised by worm and rack raised by worm rack(19mm). The slotting are provided to hold the heavy job.
This is of design and provides sufficient area for heavy jobs. Slots are provided for convenient holding.